Knitting campaign “Let us give warmth to one another!”


The nature got all dressed up in beautiful autumn colors; the passes in the park got covered with leaves as if it was a colorful rug. Only the sky is grey and sad almost ready to burst out rain… First frost is coming…

Aleksandr Gridin charity foundation starts charity sock knitting campaign: “Let us give warmth to one another!”

The aim of this campaign is to connect everyone able and willing to knit socks and donate these socks to children living in the families where even such small thing are not affordable, as well as little orphans raised in orphanages and baby homes. Let us grownups and little ones join feel connected while waiting together for the most beautiful holidays of the cold season.

We would like to invite elderly people to join the campaign, especially ones, who stay in assisted-care facilities. We believe that these knitted socks made by your warm hands will warm up little feet of the children who have neither mother, nor grandmother to knit the socks for them.

We invite everyone to knit and to join hands for our shared goal – to give the little feet of the children some warmth!

Anyone who would like to donate the handmade knitted socks, please call +37065676491, Gabriele

Or send us the socks to the addresses: Tomo str. 22, Klaipeda or Vokieciu str. 10-23, Vilnius.

Let us give warmth to one another!