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Support for Dangiriukas

We received a letter from one mother of three children, asking to help her middle son. Dangiriukas, a four years old boy, has severe disabilities, which developed right after his birth: epilepsy, hydrocephalus, heart problems, various brain deformations… The boy does not sit, walk, talk or even eats himself. The mother asked for our help […]

Glasses for children

The project “Glasses for Children”, which has been continuing for four years, is going on a summer break. In summer, children spend more time outside and less time with the books. We will continue and consider all yours requests in the autumn. While all the kids are enjoying the holidays, we will try to find […]

Our Urtė

We are always happy to receive news about every our child because once we help, our friendship and care lasts for a long time. Parents share all the news with us, as happy moments and achievements as different worries and troubles. Every time we do our best trying to help. Today, our cinderella Urtė, who […]

Greetings from Milana

We are sharing good news from Milana’s parents: finally Mila received a bubble massage bath mat, which was one of the wished things (also folding massage table and a heating massage table mat). Twelve-years-old Milana has cerebral paralysis, epilepsy, mental disability and other serious health problems. All these things will be used for muscle relaxation. […]

Children activities

The Day Care Center “Dienvidis” has finally opened its doors and is inviting children to spend summer days in the center. We continue to support children art lessons that took place every week before quarantine. We also continue to support music lessons for the girls, Martyna and Justina. It’s incredibly good feeling for the children […]

Sunny greetings from Erikas and his parents

With a great pleasure we want to share summer greetings from Erikas and his parents. As his mother wrote us, “we are glad that we are slowly trying to return to our usual life; little by little we are already working with the specialists at home. We enjoy the beautiful weather and the most important […]

Our best wishes to all of you!

Despite the fact that we will not be able to meet each other for some time yet, our work continues. We communicate safely and are always waiting for your letters and calls. We send our best wishes to all of you! Have a great week!

Breathe of hope: our Erikas

We would like to share some news received from our Erikas. As his mother writes, “Thanks to your Foundation and wonderful Donator, we should have been in Adeli center in Slovakia at this time, starting our rehabilitation. It is such a pity that current situation does not allow us to go to Adeli. We were […]

Greetings from Tautvydukas

At a time when we all are at home working, studying and resting, we receive more messages from the children, who are under the care of our foundation. We are happy to know that our children are safe and healthy, studying and being involved in different activities at home. Tautvydukas’ mother writes that the boy […]

Greetings from Justukas!

We are always happy to receive some good news from the children, who are under the care of our Foundation, and we always share them with you with a pleasure. Justas’ mother sent us very warm pictures of her little boy, spending his time at home during the quarantine. According to the mother, they are […]