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Appreciation: Breath of hope

When we started this extremely sensitive project to support rehabilitation of severely ill children, we received a lot of sincerity and help. Thank to one company, we will be able to help all the children in this project. We also thank everyone who donated money from the beginning of the project and invited others to […]

Appreciation to UAB Charlot LT

Six years ago we started social charity campaign “Backpack full of knowledge” with the aim to help children from the large families as well as from the families in need to start a new school year with all the necessary things. Every year the project was expending together with the number of children, we visited […]

Appreciation to Acme Group

We sincerely thank Acme Group, the main donator of the Foundation’s traditional social campaign “Backpack full of knowledge 2019”. Thanks to Your support, this year we were able to help even more children to meet a new school year without worries. Almost 200 children from Telšiai, Molėtai, Utena, Vilnius and Klaipeda city, growing up in […]

Social charity campaign “Backpack full of knowledge 2019” is completed! For nearly 200 Children the basic school supplies were provided!

Continuing a beautiful tradition ahead of the new school year the representatives of our Foundation as usually spent visiting children from different Lithuanian towns and helped them to get ready for school by providing the basic school supplies. We are pleased that the number of pupils each year is rapidly increasing, and this year close […]


We sincerely thank UAB Motorus for the help buying a special stroller to little Adele. A four-year-old girl is diagnosed with both the cerebral palsy and epilepsy, but her parents do not give up. Every day they fight for a better tomorrow for their daughter and it is no wonder that all their dreams and […]

Backpack full of knowledge 2019

With the last month of the summer we start our traditional social campaign Backpack full of knowledge with the aim to help children from the large families as well as from the families in need to start a new school year with all the necessary things. We sincerely thank all our friends and partners who […]

A dream came true for Urtė’s parents

Fife-year-old Urté, a real Thumbelina, her smile and eyes fascinate everyone around her, even though she weights only 13 kg. From her birth, the parents struggle for her every day. From her first breath due to birth trauma Urte has the most severe form of cerebral palsy, epileptic seizures, optic nerve sub-atrophy, kidney hydronephrosis, and […]

Gratitude: Backpack full of knowledge 2019

Traditionally before September we start our social charity campaign for children from large families as well as from families in need, in order to help them by providing with the basic school supplies. We are always happy to welcome companies joining us in this campaign. This time we thank our friends from Klaipeda UAB Sigmaris, […]

Summer camps for children: feedback

This year we decided to contribute to the organization of summer camps for children from three educational institutions. The second camp has already taken place and we have received many nice impressions from the children we would like to share with you. 25 children and 7 volunteers camped in Kūriniai village. Children spent their time […]

We stop fundraising for the project: “Breath of hope” – support for Rehabilitation of Severely ill Children as well as for the necessary tools and nutrition at home

We are extremely happy to inform that THANKS to one company the fundraising for our project “Breath of hope” is over. This company, who doesn’t want the publicity, donated all the necessary amount – 30 000 euro. According to the General manager of the company, goodness doesn’t require loud words and slogans and especially in […]