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Erikas’ dream came true: news from his mother!

We are happy to share some positive emotions from the letter of Erikas’ mother: “… In this difficult time, I am coming back to you with some good news. When we got this audio headphones, we decided to use them immediately. Although, Erik is very active boy, when we put on the headphones and turned […]

Support for Vilius

A few weeks ago we received a letter from one family, raising a three-years-old boy with myotubular myopathy. This form of myopathy is very severe and rare, and he is probably the only child in Lithuania suffering from this disease. Parents dedicate all the child’s money for his development and different physiotherapies. Little Vilius has […]

Glasses for children

The project initiated by our Foundation, which has been running for the fourth year in a raw, has a purpose to help families in need as well as families with many children and the ones raising children with special needs, to purchase prescription glasses for these children. This year, already 10 children from Klaipeda, Moletai […]

Erikas’ dream came true: special audio headphones

Erikas, who is celebrating his fourth birthday this year, has severe disability. When we received the letter from his mother with the big wish to have special audio headphones, we decided to help. Listening to the special music with this audio headphones will help the boy to stay more calm and to be more concentrated. […]

“BREATH OF HOPE”: some news about Domantas after returning from Olinek

Domantas, one of the children participating in our project “Breathe Hope”, was also able to go to the Rehabilitation Center in Olinek, thanks to one company’s support. We are glad to share the latest news from Domantas mother after returning from the rehabilitation. We were happy to hear that the boy got stronger and the […]

Urte’s dream came true

Urte’s dream came true: she has a light table with kinetic sand and colored cubes. About a month ago one mother wrote us that her daughter Urte, who is 2,5 year old, is very fond of playing with sand and it is not only the most wonderful and magical game for her, but also this […]

Milana’s dream came true

We are getting a lot of letters from parents about the dreams of their children. This dreams are not like the most other children because these children’s reality is so different. Twelve-year-old Milana would also like to dream about girls things, but Milana has cerebral paralysis, epilepsy, mental disability and other serious health problems. Thus, […]

Our Urte

We received a letter from Urte’s family and we would like to share it with you. Urte has spent three weeks in a hospital, and her mother writes us that it was the first time, Urte travelled to the hospital and back in a new car seat. This special car seat Urte’s mother was able […]