Children’s after school activities: support for Martyna and her appreciation letter

The foundation’s long-term project “Children’s after school activities” is dedicated to children’s education by providing them with different after school activities. Martyna, one of the children under this project, attended vocal lessons at the Ukmergė Music School for several years. Martyna finshed her secondary school this year, as well as her music school. We are so happy to share Martyna’s letter to us: “I fell extremely grateful. This help was very important to me. Thanks to your Foundation, I was able to finish the Music School and I’ve got the opportunity to make my dream come true – to study at the Vilnius Music Academy, Music Theory and Pedagogy department. I wish your Foundation the longest years!”

We are very happy for Martyna and her accomplishments! We wish her lots of success, and for us this is another proof that the long-term project ” Children’s after school activities” is extremely necessary and useful.