We are asking to help Arminas: the boy has to bath in a normal conditions!

Arminas is 11 years old, but he doesn’t go to school, he doesn’t play in the yard and he doesn’t rush to after school activities. He is never invited to children’s birthday parties …. The boy is completely disabled – he has total body paralysis, microcephaly, epilepsy, anemia, Lenoux-Gust syndrome. He is eating only through a gastrostoma, constantly pumped with a mucus suction. He grows up only with his mother, who must be strong, because the boy’s father left them alone. It is difficult not only emotionally, but also financially. Our foundation decided to donate 572 Euro for special supplements and necessary nursing supplies.
Also, we are asking You to help Arminas and his mother: the little family needs to renovate a bathroom and adopt it for the boy. They have received a special bathtub from Panevezys city municipality, but it isn’t possible to use it in the old bathroom because the family lives in reconstructed outbuilding. We are asking not to leave them alone: for the complete renovation of the bathroom they need 1000 Euro.

How to donate You may find here!