Children’s after school activities: support for Mildute

We know Mildute for a long time. Once one family, raising 5 children, applied to our foundation, asking to help their daughter to attend the camp for young musicians. Milda plays the violin since her childhood, she loves music and loves what she is doing. Under the project “Children’s after school activities” the foundation supports camps for talented children. We have already sent Milda to such summer camps in Lithuania and to the competitions abroad, from which the girl returned with great improvement. This year Mildutė will go again to a summer camp for young musicians. The support for the girl this time was given by one man, who did not want the publicity, but he wanted to spend money for the child’s education.

Financial support provided is 550 Euro. We are very happy for Mildute and express our sincere gratitude to this kind guy for help!