Erikas’ dream came true: news from his mother!

We are happy to share some positive emotions from the letter of Erikas’ mother: “… In this difficult time, I am coming back to you with some good news. When we got this audio headphones, we decided to use them immediately. Although, Erik is very active boy, when we put on the headphones and turned on the special music, he was not moving and almost not breathing for quite a longtime, he was listening very attentively. So, it really works and I believe that after an entire course, we will see the results. This is special classical music and the music has a magical power. Thank you very much for this fulfilled dream”

Almost fourth years old Erikas, has severe disability, and when we received the letter from his mother with the big wish to have special audio headphones, we decided to help. Listening to the special music with this audio headphones will help the boy to stay more calm and to be more concentrated. The amount of support for special audio headphones is 279 Euro.