Hello, active summer!

Thanks to the sponsors, the summer for children growing in extremely poor living conditions will be healthier and more active

The support campaign “Hello, active summer”, initiated by Aleksandr Gridin Charity Foundation and supported by “Lietuvos energija” Support Foundation, provided Lithuanian day centers with sports equipment and active leisure games – the amount of 5000 Euro was equally distributed among 10 Lithuanian children day care centers from different parts of the country.

The support campaign “Hello, active summer” is intended to help children growing in extremely difficult or unsafe conditions.
After school these children, unfortunately, do not rush home – day care centers are their second homes, where children can come if they don’t feel safe at their own homes, if they miss attention and care from their parents as well as opportunity to grow in healthy environment, play and enjoy the careless childhood.

10 Lithuanian children day care centers are already enjoying their new sports equipment, active leisure games and therapeutic tools: bicycles, badminton and tennis rackets, balls, football gates, basketball stands, various active leisure and board games, pool tables.

We sincerely thank “Lietuvos energija” Support Foundation for the cooperation and support!
We believe that sports equipment and leisure games donated will help these children to have an active, meaningful, interesting and safe summer time!