Let’s Give Warmth To One Another!

Today, on the day of Three Kings, there are so many presents at our Foundation’s office, meant for children with developmental disorders living at the Orphanages in Lithuania. Cute little socks, booties and mittens, knitted with lots of love and care were given to the children by the elderly ladies from Kaunas Panemune and Klaipeda Senior Centers, also Kaunas Panemune day center and Kaunas Senior Deportees Club visitors, as well as a knitter from Cekiske elderly care center in Kaunas district. In total, as many as 131 pairs of socks as well as 7 pairs of fancy knitted booties were given away. We heartily thank all the seniors as well as social workers who also joined the knitting campaign, and the ladies who raised the money by themselves to buy yarn as there were so many knitters-volunteers, but only that much yarn given by UAB Kurita. So, we say THANK YOU very much and we promise to come back with new ventures!