Project “Glasses for children”: results of the year 2020.


Traditionally, at the beginning of the new year we are summarising the last year results. This project “Glasses for children, aims to help families in need as well as families with many children and the ones raising children with special needs, to purchase prescription glasses for these children.
In 2019, in cooperation with municipalities and social workers, 60 children from Alytus, Vilnius, Klaipėda, Kupiškis, Molėtai, Pakruojis and Telšiai towns and districts were able to get the new glasses. The amount spent is EUR 4351,79 Euro.
We sincerely thank everyone, who contributed to this project the last year.
Thanks to all our Friends and Partners, starting from the year 2017, 378 children from different cities and regions of Lithuania received the new stylish glasses. The total amount spent is 23 667,21 Euro!
We also thank our partners UAB “Optikos pasaulis”and “Optika Vizija” for their help, advices, flexibility and cooperation with us.
We will return with the next stage of the project very soon and invite to submit further applications.