The traditional social knitting campaign “Let us give warmth to one another” is completed

It is already a nice tradition to complete the social knitting campaign “Let’s give warmth to one another” at the beginning of the New Year. During the campaign, we invite everyone to knit for the children from less fortunate families as well as for the premature babies, ill children and for the children living without parental care. With this social knitting campaign we are trying to unite the eldest and the youngest generations, sharing not only the knitwear, but also the warmth of the hearts. We sincerely thank everyone who joined this campaign and brought us so many beautiful and warm knits. Also, we want to thank women from Klaipėda Care Home and women from Vilnius Senior Day Care Center “Atgaiva”. As well, we thank our colleagues for participation and support.

Sincere THANK YOU to the sponsors of this campaign: UAB Baltijos vilna and Siū, who provided our seniors with beautiful colorful yarn. We have already handed over some of your knitwear to children and another part we will distribute between premature babies and ill children. Once again we thank everyone who devoted the time, warmth and kindness!