Urte’s dream came true

Urte’s dream came true: she has a light table with kinetic sand and colored cubes. About a month ago one mother wrote us that her daughter Urte, who is 2,5 year old, is very fond of playing with sand and it is not only the most wonderful and magical game for her, but also this game helps to improve motor skills of a girl. Urte, who was born healthy, unfortunately had the flu, which complicated into generalized advanced epilepsy. After a long treatment, the girl grows and gets stronger, attends rehabilitation. So, a light table with kinetic sand at home would be very helpful for the girl. Urte says if the dream box fulfills her wish, she promises to improve and get better every day! We are happy to fulfill this dream and we wish the girl to grow and get stronger.

The financial support provided is 160 Euro.