"Equipment and other means for the Sensory Room"


Equipment and other means for the Sensory Room

Help to the special school in Vilnius Atgaja.

Duration of the project 2017.03-2017.09

The phrase “children with special needs” can be seen as an umbrella which covers both medical symptoms and various interpretations. There’s still a perception in society that in order to accept someone’s “otherness” we clearly need to understand the reasons behind it. However, in today’s extremely rushed environment it is easier not to accept than trying to understand.

Often teachers themselves emphasize how hard it is for the children with special needs to communicate with others and they are being pushed away. This negative aspect affects their learning process, behavior and even wellbeing. It is so much harder for them to accept criticism and comments, harder to accept someone else’s attitude or reaction towards them.

Purpose of the project:

To help equip the sensory room at the Vilnius special school Atgaja, by providing basic tools for therapeutic and educational activities.

Goal of the project:

• to all the children attending the school (137 in total) give the possibility to not only develop in this cozy and specifically designed environment, but also take advantage of all the therapeutical tools which would help them to learn to control their feelings and emotions, to relax and to get to know one’s self, to focus for a longer period of time, to develop imagination and creativity, to encourage learning, desire to communicate with other children.

Current situation:

The special school Atgaja in Vilnius is open to everything and everyone, creating a positive attitude towards children with special needs by providing specialized elementary and secondary education, development of social skills for children with mental disorders.

The school community has already prepared the area for the sensory room, however they don’t have enough funds to acquire basic equipment.

Institutions which need help and are participating in the project:

The special school Atgaja in Vilnius, which accommodates 137 children from the age of 7 till 21 with mental and multiple forms of disabilities.

Budget of the project:

The total amount of the financial aid required is 3 123,26 Euros.

The list and description of the needed equipment for the sensory room and exact prices is attached.

The expected results of the project:

The sensory room will be accessible to all the children attending the school and who would like to take advantage of it, for both group and therapeutical sessions.

Extensive research, carried out by leading therapists and institutions all around the world, has proven sensory room’s positive impact:

• stimulates perception

• is an alternative to medicine and isolation

• improves performance, self-awareness and concentration

• improves appetite, memory, acquisition of knowledge and speech

• increases happiness

• improves mobility and posture

• improves mutual relations

Let’s all together give them a helping hand, let’s not go on ignoring their difficulties, as the world is a rainbow filled with many colors.