Time Together


Time Together: Abuse-Free and Bullying-Free Future for Children

Duration of the project 2017.04.11 -2018.02.28

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

 Children are the hope of every nation. In order to develop confident, active and healthy generation to come, it is our duty to teach children to respect oneself and others, help them form strong relationships with their families, school, society and the whole world around them. Children need to acquire knowledge and skills to live healthy and safe lives so that they wouldn’t have to deal with violence and humiliation.

This year, after very tragic and sad events in Lithuania, on Feb 14th the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, by solid vote, passed a new Framework Law on Child’s Rights Protection which identified and defined different forms of violence against children. The Law was well-accepted, however we are under no illusion that the situation will improve right away and the society won’t tolerate it any longer.

We couldn’t remain ignorant and decided to educate children starting from the elementary school.

Purpose of the project:

Prevention of child abuse and bullying as well as children’s socio-emotional development.

Goal of the project:

Based on the requests submitted by the communities to regional educational centers, to adopt field-proven program Time Together in schools of those regions and provide teachers the learning material.

Current situation

Educational system in Lithuania has been through numerous learning programs as well as changes, currently focusing on the emotional education of students and their parents. There are already more discussions about bullying, abuse and suicides among children. Today, more than ever , it is important to develop positive preventative measures, form one’s identity and life skills, promote volunteering.

Time Together main objectives:

Friendly environment at school, learning to give back to the community, involvement of family and community, extensive programs for forming essential skills and prevention of bad habits.

Institutions which need help and are participating in the project:

Primary schools in Kaunas and Ukmerge cities, which are attended by 700 students, expressed their strong need to be part of the Time to Join Forces program.

Budget of the project

In order to implement the project the amount needed for the 2 schools is 3080 Euro (1540 Euro for each school)

Expected results: to promote the involvement of the society, raise caring and socially responsible next generation.

 The program will develop the following skills in students:

• Making positive and responsible decisions.

• Constructive conflict resolution.

• Sense of safety in school.

• Bad habit prevention.

• Volunteering.


 “Time Together unified the class and showed that everyone has struggles. The program taught children that the feelings of others are just as important as their own, it’s the life lesson.”

(The teacher of the program Time Together)