Knitting campaign “Let us give warmth to one another”!


With the autumn shrinking days and sunlight, this year, with an increasing attention, support and good emotions, Aleksander Gridin’s Charity Foundation initiates a traditional social knitting campaign: “Let us give warmth to one another”.

Last year during this campaign 470 pairs of socks were knitted! Children were very grateful to all the ladies, attending senior day centers as well as living at the senior centers in Lithuania. Also, to everyone who joined us last year! This year, the number of participants is going to be even bigger!

We invite you to knit! This time we will be knitting not only socks, but also hats, scarves, cardigans….anything we want and are able to knit!

Let our love warm children, living in the less fortunate families!

Social knitting campaign will last until the December 31st, 2017.

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