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Support campaign for children growing in extremely poor living conditions as well as in unsafe family environment

Duration of the project 2017.06.11 -2018.09.01

The project is completed!  

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With the start of the new school year Aleksandr Gridin Foundation continues the support campaign intended to provide sports equipment and board games to day care centres.

Project aim – to help day care centres in providing interesting and meaningful after-school activities for children as well as providing day care centres with the necessary sports equipment and board games.

Day care centres – are the second homes, where children can come if they don’t feel safe at their own homes, if they miss attention and care from their parents as well as opportunity to grow in healthy environment, play and enjoy the careless childhood. When playing and doing sports children are filling up with good emotions – getting rid of tension, fears, discomfort, they gain experience, boost the activity skills, learn to recognise people’s interpersonal relationships, deal with problems, think, create.

The first 10 day care centres, that are in need of support in purchasing sports and leisure equipment, are participating in the project. Some of the centres can only dream of such equipment and can only rely on kindness of good people when creating proper children’s leisure.

Project budget – 5000 Eur. It is planned to dedicate not more than 500 Eur per day care center for purchasing the necessary equipment.

Let us create active, meaningful, interesting and safe children’s leisure by giving them the necessary equipment for doing sports and playing games!