Christmas goodness – presents for children, their families and lonely elderly people

Each year before Christmas our Foundation is trying to visit more and more children, their families and lonely elderly people. At the very end of the year 2018, we were happy to do it again thanks to the generosity and kindness our Friends and Partners shared during the International Cake Day. The total amount of money donated for the Christmas social campaign was 3000 Euros.
In total, 40 families under the care of social workers from Skuodas, Utena and Moletai cities and the surroundings were visited. All the families received Christmas treats for the festive table. No one can imagine Christmas without presents ant tasty sweets for children. Nearly 200 kids of different age received presents from our Santa Claus, such as books, toys, candies. We couldn’t refuse to help the families, who asked for help right before Christmas – these families from Pakruojis and Kedainiai districts received our Christmas treats and presents. A few families from Klaipeda under the care of our Foundation were visited as well.

Of course, we couldn’t forget lonely elderly people. They also received Christmas treats baskets from our Foundation.

Happiness fills our hearts when we see children, their parents and lonely elderly people happy and their eyes full of warmth and kindness. We express our sincere gratitude to all our Friends and Partners and wish all the families the Year 2019 to be easier and not to loose their faith.