Interactive tools for children with special needs


Duration of the project  2020- 2021

We all have special needs, however someone’s special needs are more special than the needs of others. Child, that does not fall under the “normal” criteria is called a “special needs” child. Statistics are cruel. Currently in Lithuania there are 40 000 children  with special needs.  That means that 11 % of the children in the country are with disabilities, of which 3 719 children are with severe disabilities and are educated at the special needs schools – multifunctional educational centers . There are 47 such institutions in Lithuania.

 The learning environment, restrooms, elevators must be adapted to the needs of these children. Also a guaranteed assistance from educators, speech therapists and psychologists is needed. Unfortunately, the help is far from enough.

Hardly a surprise that such school communities are searching various, often non-traditional educational tools and seek for maximum results.

After all, children’s special needs often lead to a proper social, communication and behavior problems throughout their entire lives.

Purpose of the project:

Provide interactive educational tools for classrooms as well as an additional sensory trail for educational and therapeutic activities at the Special School

“Atgajos” in Vilnius and Klaipeda Litorinos School.

Aim of the project:

 Is to provide an opportunity for the children (over 300 students in total) of both schools to develop in adapted to their needs environment and to use interactive and therapeutic tools which would help them learn to manage their feelings and emotions, to relax and to learn to better know themselves, to stay focused, to boost imagination and creativity, to motivate learning, willingness to interact and collaborate with other children.

Current situation:

Both, the Special School “Atgajos” in Vilnius as well as Klaipeda Litorinos School are open to innovations and society. The schools are forming a positive attitude towards children with special needs, providing a primary and basic individualized education as well as social skills for children with intellectual disabilities.

Nowadays, when information technologies are rapidly integrating into the learning content, Klaipeda Litorinos School does not have any interactive educational tools at all. At the same time, visual and musical education is especially important for pupils with special needs. Without visual aids it is difficult for these children to comprehend the provided material.

Meanwhile, the Special School “Atgajos” in Vilnius aims to exercise senses with the help of the sensory trail, to encourage children to spend more time outdoors. There is no playground at the school, so the sensory trail is expected to be a more effective alternative.

Institutions which need help and are participating in the project:

  • Special School “Atgajos” in Vilnius. The number of students reaches 166 from the ages of 7-21 years old. They all are with intellectual and complex disabilities.
  • Klaipeda Litorinos School. There are 113 students with different special educational needs attending the school.

 Budget of the project

  • Musical tool „SOPRANO QUARTET ENSEMBLE“ For the Special School “Atgajos” in Vilnius: EUR 10 500
  • Interactive learning tools for Klaipeda Litorinos School: EUR 16 000
  •  Total: EUR 26 500

     Expected results:

  • Extensive research, performed by leading therapists and institutions around the world, has proven the positive impact of interactive tools and sensory trails, with the help of which children are taught:
  • to get to know the world around them through tactics, to develop various senses,
  • nurture their cognitive, emotional and physical strengths ,
  • exercise concentration,
  • promote the ability to communicate and develop creative way of thinking,
  • make learning easier and more effectiveLet’s give children the opportunity to see the world through their own eyes