Charity Campaign – to give children that are growing up in a sensitive environment an opportunity to attend their favorite leisure center or a therapy necessary for one’s health improvement

2023 -2024

The fact that the environment influences child’s personality is the undeniable truth.Therefore, when creating an environment it is important to help child move in the right direction. In this case the main task is to find additional suitable (afterschool) activities, which may help child to search for and find oneself and quite often, even solve certain psychological as well as health problems.

Vilties liepsna Charity Foundation invites us all to help children from struggling families as well as the ones suffering from social isolation, meaningfully spend their  leisure time.

 Current situation:

According to the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, there are nearly 19 000 children living in a social risk families in Lithuania. Most of them are attending Day Care Centers; children do their homework, socialize and stay in this safe environment until late afternoon.

While visiting many of these centers, and chatting with children, it was clear that they all desire the same thing – to attend some after-school activities where they can discover something new as well as find oneself.  There are also children for which leisure time is not about finding oneself, but instead a necessary health promotion, as this is the only way for their further development.

Goal of the Project:

To give children who are growing in a sensitive social environment after-school activities or a very much needed health therapy, for ALL the children have the right to spend their free time by exploring their interests and improving their health.

Tasks of the Project:

  • Give a child the opportunity to attend a favorite after-school activity, develop further one’s talents (music, sports, art)
  • Give a child with health issues the opportunity to attend therapy classes (art, music, water therapies).

Budget of the Project:

in close co-operation with the social workers, the goal is to support … children from all over Lithuania. In order to support activities according to child’s talents and wishes, or needed therapy, to give a monthly activity pass worth up to 40 EUR per child.

Every child has the right to devote one’s free time for personal development, to discover new interests, however, not every child has the opportunity to do so.

Let’s make a donation and give the opportunity for children to attend after-school activities. Maybe thanks to you, another talent will rise. Maybe thanks to the received therapy a child will recover or a health problem will be prevented!

 You can make a donation into the following bank account: Labdaros paramos fondas Vilties liepsna code  302864683, acc. No. LT327300010132901508 „Swedbank“ AB , payment subject: CHILDRENS AFTER-SCHOOL ACIVITIES