They say, God gives special children to the parents who have strength of spirit to stand up against more challenges than others. And they do: they take care of them  24 hours a day: nursing, raising, knowing that their children may never get better, however, hoping and doing their best to ease their days.

When we receive a call for help, each line of the letters is filled with parents unconditional love. Clinging to almost nothing and doing whatever it takes to help their little ones through the eyes of hope for their entire lives.

Charity Foundation : “Vilties Liepsna” is initiating a project for the purposes of a  support to Support for Rehabilitation of Severely Ill Children as well as for the necessary tools and nutrition at home

 Purpose of the Project:

To raise funds for the purposes of treatment and rehabilitation programs for severely ill children in the following centers :

  • Adeli Medical Center (Slovakia), where the condition of children with cerebral palsy is significantly improved by intensive psycho / ergo / physiotherapy based on neurophysiological basis, electro-stimulation. After such intensive therapies, the children are able to sit and take their first steps.
  • Novosibirsk Rehabilitation Center (Russia), where epileptic seizures are controlled after the course of macrophage therapy.
  • Palanga Rehabilitation Center (Lithuania) – Intensive Massage Program helps to maintain the results achieved during the course of treatment at the Adeli Medical Center.

Budget of the Project:
EUR 35 000 (7 children / EUR 5 000 each.)


Duration of the Project:

The project has been extended for one year until 2021-12-31

Current situation and stories of the children involved:
  • Little Justas: As early as at the age of 1 Justas was already raising some red flags to his parents as he was still not able to stand. During a visit to the doctor, when Justas was 1.2 years old, a limb nerve injury was suspected. The following two years multiple tests were performed to determine the cause, however with no results. It takes a lot of effort for little Justas to walk. Geneticists are hoping that in 2019 there will be more information obtained about the condition, maybe an accurate diagnosis will be made. A diagnosis the family will have to get used to all over again.
  • Domantas: The story of the three year-old Domantas starts from the very beginning of his life due to the after birth trauma: at 4 months a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis was confirmed, a little later an eye nerve atrophy. Exercises and rehabilitation is family’s daily routine. Currently, Domantas parent’s are gathering funds for the second course of macrophage therapy. To achieve best results possible it is recommended to complete at least 3 such courses. The doctor at the  Novosibirsk Rehabilitation Center does not promise any miracles to Domantas whose condition is really severe.  However, according to the doctor, it can be achievable for Domantas to start talking and walking, but it will require several years of intensive work.  The parents are committed to take care of their son with all their love and strength, and provide him with all they can.
  • Urte: The story of the five year-old Urte also starts from her first breath due to birth trauma along with the most severe form of cerebral palsy, epileptic seizures, optic nerve sub-atrophy, kidney hydronephrosis, and failure of mucus clearances
  • Austejas: Goal is to get to one’s feet! The physical health of Austejas requires continuous, intensive efforts in order to maintain his current condition (the results achieved while undergoing intensive treatment at the Adeli Medical Center) and to move forward. Muscle relaxing massages are a must for Austejas (his body is so tense that without such massages sever injuries may occur). Also ergo therapy for his hands and fingers to train and to better respond to  everyday tasks. These are the most important basic procedures Austejas underwent at the rehabilitation center in Palanga and they were proven to be effective. Unfortunately the National Health Insurance Fund does not compensate such treatments.
  • Austėja: the girl has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, as well as other heavy developmental disorders from her birth (2009). She is sitting with difficulties, not crawling, not holding her head, not speaking, almost does not see. The only ray of light is her smile. When somebody talks to her, she laughs. Austėja recognizes her parents, reacts uncertainly to strangers, tries to make some sounds, carefully stretches her hand towards the toys. From the very first days of Austėja’s birth parents do not give up: they are exercising intensively, doing sports, visiting all rehabilitation institutions, using both traditional and non-traditional treatment methods. Unfortunately, our country provides only partial financial support and that is not enough. Austeja’s parents have to cover all other expenses because they want to give all the necessary treatment and assistance for their daughter. That’s why the family is asking for help – alone they simply cannot manage it.
  • Erikas: A three-year-old boy has no swallowing reflex from his birth, the boy receives food only through a gastrostomy. Also, Erikas breathes through a tracheostoma, has cerebral palsy and other mixed developmental disorders. According to doctors, he is still like a 4-month-old baby. The boy’s parents put a lot of hope into the Adeli Rehabilitation Center because they know how important it is to have a hope..
These are only few stories, few children, few destinies. They all are binded by doctors harsh diagnosis such as cerebral palsy, eye nerve atrophy, gastrostomy. They all are binded by a battle, hope, parents loving hearts…

On behalf of the children, as they can’t speak, on behalf of the parents, as their voices is silenced by the pain – PLEASE – give  what you can. Every penny counts.

“… I believe in miracles, including this one, that we’ll come to the top, that we’ll spin in circle and we’ll put our arms around our families and those who joined this journey … a journey towards the miracle…”